About Us

We are a non-partisan group of residents that have come together to fight to Warwick District Council’s relocation plans, and to #saveleam.

We object to the plans to move the Warwick District Council HQ, as they stand in their current form, as outlined in the recently approved Riverside House and Covent Garden planning applications (read more about our objections).

We demand Warwick District Council uphold the newly approved Local Plan , and uphold fundamental democratic values of openness transparency and accountability in deciding the future of OUR town and district.

We invite everyone who lives, works, or shops locally, who will inevitably be affected by the shortage of parking in Leamington centre, lack of funding for NHS and education services, and more, to join our common cause.

As a non-partisan group, we are pleased to have received support, advice, and information from local politicians from across the political spectrum, and are happy to work with politicians or activists regardless of party, where their aims and objectives align with those of our campaign.

To find out more, and keep up to date, see how you can get involved.

Sign the Petition

A petition was started in early January by Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington, which quickly amassed thousands of signatures. Though we would have preferred to host our own, non-partisan, petition, we felt two petitions running at the same time would lead to confusion, and so agreed to link to the existing petition.

This should not be seen as an endorsement of Matt Western MP, or the Labour Party, and we hope people of all political persuasions will be willing to sign the petition to halt the council's plans.

Sign the Petition Now

Write to councillors

Please take part in our campaign encouraging people to write to district councillors, to make them aware of your concerns about the council's relocation scheme ahead of the full council vote.

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