There is still time to stop the council's relocation plan
  • The final decision will face a full council vote (currently in February 2019)
  • Councillors need to hear the concerns of residents and businesses before they vote
  • We are encouraging residents and business across the district to write urgently to councillors

Step One

Find recommended councillors to email, or choose your own using our guide.

Step Two

Edit the outline email below
Use your own words if you have time, but sending anything is better than nothing. You can read through our key facts and arguments for ideas.

Step Three

Copy and paste the text into an email.
Make sure to edit/delete any sections marked ### (these give suggested edits)

Sign the Petition

A petition was started in early January by Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington, which quickly amassed thousands of signatures. Though we would have preferred to host our own, non-partisan, petition, we felt two petitions running at the same time would lead to confusion, and so agreed to link to the existing petition.

This should not be seen as an endorsement of Matt Western MP, or the Labour Party, and we hope people of all political persuasions will be willing to sign the petition to halt the council's plans.

Sign the Petition Now

Write to councillors

Please take part in our campaign encouraging people to write to district councillors, to make them aware of your concerns about the council's relocation scheme ahead of the full council vote.

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